Detour & Service Alerts 1

Winter Rider Alert Info.

It’s the start of Winter Weather Season!  In the event of a weather event, BARTA may be forced to change some bus routes.  BARTA has designated some definitions to help riders know of typical detours…

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Transfers occur when you must change buses and use more than one route to complete your trip. The BARTA system facilitates transfers at the BTC, but passengers can transfer at any point where multiple routes meet.

Cash paying passengers can avoid paying another fare when transferring by paying the transfer fare, in addition to the base fare, when they board their first bus. They will then be issued a transfer pass good for travel on the next bus needed to complete their trip. Passengers must take the first bus available for the transfer. The transfer pass will automatically be invalid 2 hours after the date of issue. A transfer cannot be used to make a return trip or to continue a trip on the same route or in the same direction. When you change buses, insert the transfer into the farebox in the second bus.

BARTA Pass holders do not need to purchase transfers.