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Half Fare Program for Persons with Disabilities

The Half Fare Program is for persons with qualifying disabilities to receive half off the cash fare any time. Customers can apply for a Half-Fare ID card, available from BARTA, for persons with a qualifying disability.  Persons under age 65 with a Medicare card may qualify for this program.  A Half Fare ID card must be shown to receive the discount. Half Fare Customers are also eligible to purchase 1/2 Fare 10 Ride Passes.  A Half-Fare Application must be completed for approval to receive the Half Fare ID.  Once a customer has the Half-Fare ID, they can receive the discount.

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1/2 Fare Cash Fare $0.90

Senior Citizen Free Ride Program

If you are age 65 or older, you can ride FREE through the Senior Free Ride Program, which is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Lottery.  Eligible seniors may ride any BARTA bus route for FREE any time!  A PA Transit ID card is valid proof to ride.  A Senior Citizen Free Ride Application must be completed to receive the Senior ID card to ride free.

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K-12 Student Fare

Student Fares and Discount Passes apply to grades K-12. High school students must show proof of student status to obtain the discount rate when paying cash fares. 10 Ride Student Passes and 31 Day Student passes are available for purchase.  Students must show School ID when purchasing passes in person.  If purchases are made on-line, a copy of the Student ID must be attached the first time a student pass is purchased.  If students are using the RRTA Go Mobile app, the student must visit RRTA Offices the first time to be designated as a student in their account.  Once they are designated as a student, they will be able to purchase Student Passes.

Student Cash Fare $1.00