BARTA Special Services Overview

BARTA Special Services provides shared ride bus service offering consolidated trips between customers’ origins and destinations that are not well served by fixed route bus service. Often referred to as “Paratransit,” the shared ride service operates during limited hours and specific travel areas.

Any member of the general public may utilize BARTA Special Services transportation at full fare; however, several funding programs for seniors, those with disabilities, and other special needs populations are available to cover a majority (if not all) the costs of transportation for eligible riders. Each program is governed with a different set of regulations, funding sources, reporting standards and service delivery guidelines. As such, BARTA requires an application for those wishing to use the service and the reservation process requires two working days notice to schedule most appointments. Individuals who qualify for transportation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are entitled to next day service.

Despite being a door-to-door service, BARTA Special Services does not provide “taxi” service and is not a non-stop ride for one person. Different riders are grouped depending on their travel times and location(s). BARTA Special Services does not provide emergency transportation.

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Application Requirement

Everyone requesting transportation must fill out an application. Processing and approval of the application may take up to 21 days. All applicants will receive a letter to inform them of their eligibility. Also, please note that Federal law requires BARTA to send a Voter Registration Application to everyone requesting an application for transportation.

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