Medical Assistance Program

If you receive Medical Assistance from the Department of Welfare, you may be eligible for transportation to medical appointments on BARTA Special Services. To see if you qualify for Medical Assistance please contact BARTA Special Services at 610-921-2361.

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Persons With Disabilities Program (PwD)

The Rural Shared Ride Service for Persons with Disabilities is a program funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for persons requesting services in rural areas of Berks County. This program will provide shared-ride service to qualified persons with disabilities as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The PWD program must be the “payer of last resort.” If your transportation is currently being paid for by an agency or by a third party payer, they must continue to pay for those trips; however, if you have other types of trips, the PWD program may be able to help you.

You must meet all of the following stipulations to be eligible:

  • A person with a disability as defined by the ADA and your disability has been certified by a physician or agency
  • Between the Ages of 18-64
  • Need accessible public transit beyond ADA complementary paratransit services
  • Your trip is outside of the ADA service area (¾ mile of a bus route)

BARTA will make a determination of eligibility within 21 days or receiving your application for service.

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Senior Shared Ride Program

If you are a Senior Citizens, age 65 years or older you are eligible for BARTA Special Services. There is no restriction on purpose of the trip so seniors can travel for any kind of trip: medical appointments, shopping, recreation, senior centers and more.  There is a co-pay each time a senior rides that averages about 15% of the total cost of the trip.

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Americans with Disabilities Program (ADA)

BARTA shall provide complementary paratransit service to individuals with disabilities that is similar to the level of service provided to individuals without disabilities who use the fixed-route bus system. In BARTA’s case, providing paratransit service that is comparable to BARTA’s fixed-route service has resulted in an expansion of paratransit service hours to include longer service hours on weekdays and the addition of service hours on weekday evenings and Saturdays, for those persons who are “certified” as being “ADA eligible”.


  • Any individual with a disability defined by ADA and you cannot independently board or ride a BARTA Fixed-Route bus.
  • You have a disability or specific impairment that prevents you from getting to or from a boarding location.

BARTA will make a determination of eligibility within 21 days of receiving your application for service. If approved, BARTA will issue a letter of approval. Anyone denied eligibility has the right to file an appeal with BARTA within 60 days of receiving a notice of denial.

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