Need help with transportation from 4 a.m. to 11 p.m. during 2nd & 3rd shift work times?  BARTA’s Access to Jobs program may be able to help.  The Access to Jobs program is a unique program that uses both BARTA’s bus route services and shared-ride services to help workers who need late night transportation.  The goal of the program is to have eligible customers use BARTA’s bus route service for one portion of their commute.  The other portion of their commute is provided through BARTA’s Special Services during times when the bus route are not operating.

The first portion of the Access to Jobs program encourages approved customers to use BARTA’s bus routes for one part of their commute.  BARTA provides 19 bus routes throughout Berks County.  Access to Jobs customers would use a bus route to get them to or from work.  The service runs seven days a week on specific routes, most beginning and ending in Downtown Reading.

The second portion of the Access to Jobs program is through BARTA’s shared ride service to provide transportation during 2nd and 3rd shift work times when BARTA’s bus routes are not operating.  You must live and and travel within a 10 mile radius of the City of Reading.


Application Requirement

An application needs to be completed to determine eligibility. Processing and approval of the application may take up to 21 days. All applicants will receive a letter to inform them of their eligibility. Also, please note that Federal law requires BARTA to send a Voter Registration Application to everyone requesting an application for transportation.

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