• $2.00 for first hour
  • $1.00 for any portion or each additional hour
  • Maximum Daily Rate $14.00

Lost Tickets
Customers who lose their daily ticket must pay the maximum daily rate ($14). If paying by credit card, customer can drive to exit gate and insert credit card. Credit card will be charged the $14.00 rate. If you do not have a credit card, please press blue help button on pay on foot machine for assistance.

How to Use the Pay on Foot Machines

Insert the ticket into the pay on foot machine and make your payment (Cash or Credit Card). The ticket machine will return a ticket to you to exit the garage. This ticket is inserted at the exit gate to raise the gate to exit.

VISA, Master Card, and Discover are accepted

Credit Card Payment at Exit Gates

Credit card customers can also pay at the exit gates instead of using the Pay on Foot machines. Customer can drive to exit gate and insert ticket at gate. The fee will be calculated. Customer can insert credit card for payment and exit gate will raise.