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Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is used to define an organization’s vision, mission, challenges, and opportunities; establish long and short range goals; guide business processes; and measure performance.  It is a disciplined effort that can guide an organization in creating its future.  Strategic planning helps to integrate the organization’s various activities and programs, and to better align the organization with its stakeholder’s objectives.

The Berks area Reading Transportation Authority (BARTA) is the principal provider of public transportation services in the City of Reading and Berks County.  The BARTA system is a fixed route system of 21 local bus routes with 53 active buses in operation.  It also operates 37 active para-transit vehicles in the Special Services Division.

This report documents BARTA’s recently completed six-month strategic planning process, outlines the results of the broad-scale process, and lists the plan components.  The plan is intended to reinforce a sense of direction and continuity for BARTA, and provide a better awareness of the strategic issues and challenges in providing public transportation in Berks County and the surrounding region in the years to come.  This plan will be used in conjunction with other transit development and route planning processes in the future to facilitate communication and participation.

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