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Passenger Code of Conduct Reminds Customers to Ride with Respect

Ride with Respect

We want everyone to enjoy riding BARTA and it all starts with Ride with Respect, our new customer code of conduct that calls on riders to treat everyone the way they’d want to be treated.

Our Passenger Code of Conduct

Ride with Respect is about just that: riding with respect.  To continue making BARTA a safe, enjoyable experience for everyone on board, we ask that our riders follow a few simple guidelines.  The following are prohibited on BARTA property and vehicles:

  • Spitting, littering, indecent exposure, stealing/damaging BARTA property and disorderly conduct.
  • Abusive, threatening or obscene language.
  • Disturbing or harassing other passengers or the driver.
  • Bringing animals (any pets besides service animals). However, small pets in pet carriers are              
  • Smoking tobacco — even electronic cigarettes.
  • No food or drink permitted on buses.
  • Playing music is permitted only if you have earbuds or headphones that prevent your music from bothering others on BARTA.  Turn off the speaker function while riding.
  • It’s illegal to avoid paying BARTA fare, whether by skipping payment or using counterfeit fare.
  • It’s illegal to bring explosives, firearms, fuel containers of any kind or other potentially dangerous objects on BARTA property or buses.
  • Selling goods or services isn’t allowed on BARTA, this includes giving out commercial handbills and flyers to passengers on buses.
  • Strollers, umbrellas and carts must be folded when boarding the bus.

Riding BARTA is a privilege.  At our discretion, BARTA has the authority to remove riders from its property or buses for any prohibited behavior and possible suspension from service.  This includes prosecution to the fullest extent of the law for any harassment or violence towards any BARTA Operator or staff.  Being respectful of the people around you and being considerate to BARTA employees doesn’t take more than common courtesy.  And common courtesy is all we ask from our riders.

Adopted by the Board of Directors on August 15, 2018