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Executive Mask Order and Exemption Info.

As of February 1, 2021, BARTA is following the Executive Order that requires riders must wear a mask while riding any mode of public transportation.  Click here for the Executive Mask Order.

Face Mask Exemption Policy – Effective March 1, 2021.  Any customer riding BARTA vehicles must wear a mask.  This policy also applies to all BARTA properties.  On March 1, 2021, if a customer tries to board a vehicle without a mask they will not be allowed to ride.  Customers who cannot wear a mask due to a medical condition must get pre-approved from BARTA to receive an exemption card to ride.  If customers do not have an exemption card they will not be allowed to ride without a mask. 

Previously, BARTA did not require customers to provide proof of their medical condition.  The new Executive Mask Order implemented by the CDC on February 1, 2021 allows public transit agencies to request proof of the medical condition to prove the person is exempt.

Customers interested in getting an exemption card need to fill out a form and provide medical documentation.  Customers can email, mail or hand-in the completed documents needed for approval to BARTA.  After processing, customer’s will be mailed the exemption card to show the driver when riding.

Mask Exemption Form – (Reasonable Modification Form)