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BARTA Customers MUST Wear Masks

Beginning Monday, April 20, 2020, all BARTA customers and employees will be required to wear face masks onboard BARTA buses and BARTA property.

Due to the order announced April 15, 2020 from the PA Dept. of Health, all customers and employees of essential businesses will now be required to wear masks.

Any BARTA customer who is not wearing a face mask will not be able to ride BARTA Bus Service.  This includes BARTA Special Services shared-ride customers.

The order states people who can’t wear masks because of a medical condition will not be required to wear one and will be allowed to use BARTA services.

Any BARTA customer waiting for a bus at The BTC will need to be wearing a mask or they will be asked to leave the property.

BARTA continues to ask customers to only ride the bus service if it is an essential trip.  All non-essential trips are discouraged to help slow the spread of COVID-19.