Fare Structure

Fares effective as of Jan 1, 2011.

  • Base Cash Fare $1.70
  • Student Cash Fare (Grades 1-12 w/ Student ID card) $1.20
  • Transfers (See below for time limitations) $0.25
  • Zone Fare (See individual route schedules) $0.25
  • Medicare Card Holders $0.85
  • Handicapped Fare (with proper ID) $0.85
  • Senior Citizens (with proper ID) FREE
  • Children 5 and under (up to 3, per fare paying adult) FREE
Questions about fares? Contact Barta


Transfers occur when you must change buses and use more than one route to complete your trip. The BARTA system facilitates transfers at the BTC, but passengers can transfer at any point where multiple routes meet.

Cash paying passengers can avoid paying another fare when transferring by paying the transfer fare, in addition to the base fare, when they board their first bus. They will then be issued a transfer pass good for travel on the next bus needed to complete their trip. Passengers must take the first bus available for the transfer. The transfer pass will automatically be invalid 2 hours after the date of issue. A transfer cannot be used to make a return trip or to continue a trip on the same route or in the same direction. When you change buses, insert the transfer into the farebox in the second bus.

BARTA Pass holders do not need to purchase transfers.

Half Fare Program

The Half Fare Program is for persons with qualifying disabilities and Medicare cardholders to receive half off the cash fare. Register with BARTA to obtain a Reduced Fare Transit Identification Card to use as a boarding pass. Simply bring your Medicare card to BARTA’s Special Services Office – 1700 N 11th St in Reading (between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday), show the staff member your Medicare card, fill out the application, and you will receive a Reduced Fare Transit Identification Card immediately. If you do not possess a Medicare card, you may request to have an application mailed to you. A doctor will need to sign the application to verify your disability. Once this is done, you may either mail the completed application to BARTA or return it in person and a Reduced Fare Transit Identification Card will be issued to you. This card will allow you to ride for half fare on the BARTA Fixed Route bus system ALL DAY / EVERY DAY!

Discount Fares and Passes

Fares effective as of Jan 1, 2011.

  • Ten Trip Tickets – Adult Anywhere $17.30
  • Ten Trip Tickets – Student Anywhere $11.00
  • One Day Pass (Purchased in advance) $3.00
  • One Day Pass (Purchased onboard bus) $4.00
  • 31 Day – Adult Anywhere $47.00
  • 31 Day – Student Anywhere $29.00
  • 31 Day Park-N-Ride (to/from P-N-R lots only) $31.00

Purchase your 31 Day Pass or Ten Trip Ticket and the first time you insert it into the farebox on the bus, it is activated. The validation date prints on the back of the card and the Pass will be valid for the next 31 days and the Ten Trip Ticket will have 9 trips remaining.

Questions about fares? Contact Barta

PA Senior Citizens Free Ride Program

If you are 65 years of age or older, you may ride free on the BARTA Fixed Route bus system ALL DAY / EVERY DAY! To participate in the program, register with BARTA to obtain a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ID Card. You can stop by the Special Services Office – 1700 N 11th St in Reading (between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday) and fill out an application and receive your card immediately. You can also stop by the BARTA TRANSPORTATION CENTER – 8th & Cherry Streets in Reading (between 9:00 AM and 5:30 PM, Monday through Saturday). Please remember that you MUST provide proof of age in order to receive your card.

The following documents may be used as proof of age: Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, Naturalization Papers, Passport, Statement from Social Security Administration, Armed Forces Discharge/Separation Papers, Pennsylvania Identification Card, Photo Motor Vehicle Operator’s License, Resident Alien Card or Veteran’s Universal Access Identification Card.

Your free bus transportation is provided under the Pennsylvania Lottery’s Free Transit Program for Senior Citizens. By riding the transit system, you will also help to insure the program’s continued existence.


BARTA does not assume responsibility for the loss, theft, destruction or misplacement of passes or tickets by our passengers.